PMP Swim Team

2018 Sign-Up Information: Like all SAIL swim teams, we will have online registration through Swimtopia this year. Register online, then bring your checks to PDQ on Pelham Rd, on April 11th from 6-7:30pm.

The Vicious Fishes are on Facebook!  Like us here.

Also, see YouTube for slideshows of past seasons, 2011 and 2010.

In 2018, PMP will swim in the Gold Division of SAIL, the Swim Association Invitational League of Greenville, SC, with meet locations rotating among the pools.  For a list of pool locations, see SAIL’s Directions.

AnnLee Giltner is head coach.  Coaches work together to train swimmers and keep them motivated with special surprises, including a fun Friday event to celebrate and receive ribbons.

Afternoon swim practice will begin on May 21st at PMP.  10 and under will practice from 4:30-5:50, and 11 and up will practice from 5:30-6:30.  Morning swim practice will begin on June 11th at Del Norte.  All ages will swim from 9-10am.
Swimmers ages 8-and-under may also choose to swim as Guppies to learn the basics of swimming and the strokes and have their own mini-meets as a way to train for full swim team; Guppies will likely practice at 3:15 p.m. at PMP.  (Contact your SAIL rep, Kathy Lewis, for more detailed time, date, and location information at .)  Because we have two pools, swim team practice does not interfere with recreational swim for PMP members.



5/31/18 at Del Norte
6/7/18  at Heritage Lakes
6/12/18  at Canebrake
6/21/18  at McCarter
6/28/18  at Brushy Meadow
7/7/18   Divisionals at Del Norte
7/14-15/18  Championships & Classics at Westside Aquatic Center


Kathy Lewis is PMP’s SAIL representative.  To become a PMP Piranha, or to begin as a Guppy (age eight and under), please plan to attend a sign up or contact Kathy Lewis at  .


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